Technical Team



Chief Technical Officer


Colin is a petroleum and research engineer with 20+ years’ experience in the industry with emphasis on  production optimization, gas deliverability modelling, fracture diagnostics as well as pressure/rate transient  analysis. His experience includes unconventional and conventional gas projects throughout North America, the  United Kingdom, Australia, Europe and Asia.

Colin has authored papers on a range of subjects including petroleum technology,  oil/gas production analysis, horizontal and multi-lateral modelling, reservoir management and surveillance.  He has instructed industry and in-house courses on production data analysis, reservoir characterization of  unconventional gas, and CBM/CSG operation. Colin taught reservoir engineering, simulation/modelling, applied  research, and petroleum economics at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Colin has a strong background in software and algorithm development with a focus on petroleum and scientific  algorithms for the purpose of rate and pressure analysis, oil and gas material balance methods, wellbore  fluid mechanics/flow assurance and probabilistic modelling.



Technical Manager

Roozbeh is a Petroleum engineer with over 14 years of experience in the upstream oil and gas industry. He began his career as a wireline logging engineer and has extensive experience in field service delivery and upstream operations. As a Reservoir engineer, he has worked on conventional oil and tight gas fields with complex geological depositions. 

He holds a PhD from Adelaide university, and his research interests include: reservoir simulation, history matching, reservoir characterization and modelling. His publications focus on applications of data analytics and artificial intelligence in petroleum engineering, culminating in being awarded the Innovation and Commercial Partner grant by Adelaide University.

As an accomplished coder and programmer specialising in algorithm development for subsurface modelling and characterization, he will work closely with the product development team in commercializing FES software and lead client support in Australia.

He has published a number of articles on AI applications for petroleum engineering and geology including the APPEA Journal, The European Conference on Mathematics of Oil Recovery, and the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Martin Roberts Photo.jpeg


Chief Data Scientist

Dr. Martin Roberts is a data scientist, statistics expert, teacher and international leader in machine learning and data analytics. He has over 25 years experience in both government and private sectors, across many industries including health, energy, agriculture and demographics. 


He did his PhD in theoretical physics, and has proven expertise in physics simulation, scientific programming, data modelling, statistical analysis, data visualization, and data management. Notable achievements include leading the data science team, as principal data scientist, in Saudi Arabia’s multibillion dollar flagship project of building a smart energy-sustainable future city.

He is a fully qualified teacher, a strong supporter of STEM education and has been involved with Tasmania State and Australian National Mathematical Olympiad training programs for over 20 years.

Martin works closely with our petroleum/reservoir engineers and handles all aspects of the data science, statistics, machine learning, and related technology on the Fossilytics Advanced Flow Analytics (AFA) software.



Solutions Architect


Zoe has an extensive background in designing interfaces and developing APIs, through to emerging technologies such as GraphQL and graph databases. In addition, Zoe is a talented graphics designer and plays a important role in our marketing and corporate branding. 

Zoe is primary designer of the Advanced Flow Analytics (AFA) software GUI, as well as our cloud technology.

Zoe also has a keen interest in the environment and will be a valuable part of the team with respect to the development of our Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCUS) analytics and technology.  Zoe was the founder of Sarox, which became the number one Web Design company in Hobart, Tasmania.



Sr. Developer and Programmer

Dr. Mike Honeychurch obtained a PhD in chemistry and worked in academia and the chemical industry before moving into software in the 2000s. Having been a Wolfram language user since the mid 1990’s, Mike worked for Wolfram Research in the USA in 2009/10 and following his return to Australia has worked as a software consultant and programmer. 

His projects have typically involved the construction (in Wolfram language) of analytical interfaces connecting to SQL and MongoDB databases. Applications have varied from small scale niche applications in finance to large scale analytics and reporting engines for traffic flow analysis.

Mike provides oversight of interface construction for Fossilytics, and assists with code optimization and coding, and liaising with Wolfram Research consultants.