Wolfram Research

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We have partnered with Wolfram Research for the development of Advanced Flow Analytics (AFA) cloud software.

Wolfram Research is one of the world's most respected computer, web and cloud software companies—as well as a powerhouse of scientific and technical innovation. All our research, development, and production work is performed within The Wolfram Language.

The Wolfram Language gives Fossilytics access to the power of computation at a significantly higher level than other platforms, by leveraging built-in computational intelligence that relies on a vast depth of algorithms and real-world knowledge carefully integrated over three decades. It is scalable for programs from tiny to huge, with immediate deployment locally and in the cloud allowing for rapid development of the AFA software.


The Wolfram Private Enterprise Cloud and Wolfram Application Server form the backbone of the AFA software.  With our partnership, the Wolfram team handles all aspects of the AFA cloud environment including maintenance and security, remote and local database connections, AWS and related services, and much more.